Rosenbauer - TuRReTS
easy, intuitive turret control
All electronically controlled turrets
Feedback control
come standard with CAN Bus control.
The control of the turret always
The control of the turret can take
matches with the control handle. So,
place through two controlling ele-
the operator can always monitor the
position of the turret with the control
Speed proportional control
Other important functions:
The displacement of the joystick gives
the turret movement its speed. This
One hand operation
enables an extremely precise control
of the turret.
All turret functions can be directly
operated from the joystick/control
handle with just one hand.
Automatic oscillation function
A fully automatic turret operation is
possible with the optional oscillation
function. The turret travels on a rec-
tangular path, which is progammable
to meet your needs.
Wireless remote operation
In addition to the joystick or control
handle, the control of one or more tur-
rets can also be carried out through
a wireless remote operation. Besides
the control of all movements and
controls of up to 4 turrets per vehicle,
the water pressure and jet adjustment
can also be controlled from a distance
of more than 100 m. Parallel to the
turrets, elements such as the light
tower FLEXILIGHT can also be control-
led with the operation unit.