Rosenbauer - Rapid intervention hose reel
One hose reel for all operations
Versatile and universal usable
The Rosenbauer hose reel is a universal, modular reel.
drum width 500 to 1,000 mm (19,7 to 39,4 in)
Starting from the hand cranked 700 mm width standard
hose nominal width 19 to 38 mm (0,75 to 1,5 in)
model, the following main versions can are available:
connection thread in inches or metres
hose length up to 100 m (328 ft)
manual drive, left or right, with several crank
lengths and attachment positions
electric rewind optional in12 or 24 V available
Rapid intervention hose reel
Normal pressure water/foam CAFS powder
Dry chemical rapid intervention hose reel
rapid intervention hose reel
All versions are suitable and tested for:
normal and high pressure water
fire fighting foam (including CAFS)
dry chemical
Possible assembly positions
upright bottom mount
upside down hanging
wallmount, it needs only four bolts
to fasten
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