Rapid intervention hose reel - Rosenbauer
Easy rewind manual or electric
Hose guards on all sides
The hose guard folds out over the vehicle`s outline and
ensures that the hose does not touch the vehicle and pre-
vents damages to the paintwork.
Three deflection rollers enable deploy and rewind from all
sides even with large hose diameters.
The hose guard is self locking in retraced and extended position by a gas strut
1. Reel brake, 2. Crank drive
Additional internal electric drive
The e-drive is installed inside the reel drum to save space
(12 V/140 W, 24 V/ 100 W).
It has a safety overload clutch (slip clutch), as well as a
Manual standard crank
planetary gear (transmission ratio 1:19), which gives a
decoiling speed of 45 m/min at 24 V and
can be inserted:
33 m/min at 12 V.
- horizontally,
The compact design
- 45 downwards,
without external
- vertically by using an angular gear
reel chain drive
crank length 680 or 1,250 mm
saves space in
(26,8 or 49,2 in)
the vehicle and
transmission ratio 3.86
helps prevent
the reel brake apply to the drive
shaft thru a latching lever
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