Case Study Extinguishing Systems Korn Recycling Rosenbauer
Technical details of the Korn recycling plant
Hall 3 sorting and treatment plant
Ground area: 4,500 m
Enclosed space: 90,000 m
(equals approx. 100 detached houses)
Throughput: 25 tons / hour or 100,000 tons / year
Output / products: pure fractions; amongst others
plastics, iron, non-ferrous metals, minerals, paper and
cardboard, wood, glass, and high-quality substitute fuels
in the core business.
Length of the conveyor belts: more than 1,200 m.
Rosenbauer powerful extinguishing systems and custom-made solutions that protect
property and save lives.
Rosenbauer means fire protection and has for over 140 years. Today Rosenbauer of Austria is
one of the world's largest manufacturers of municipal fire trucks, aerial rescue equipment, special-
ized airport and industrial vehicles, and both stationary and semi-stationary extinguishing systems.
Professional and volunteer fire brigades, industrial and airport fire brigades, along with planning
and engineering offices across the globe put their trust in Rosenbauer's cutting-edge technologies,
systems and solutions.
Rosenbauer invests heavily in research and development for preventive fire protection, and dedi-
cates its vast knowledge and lessons learned from over a century of active firefighting experience to
keeping people and property safe. Rosenbauer itself develops and manufactures the key components
used in the technologies of firefighting and extinguishing-agent delivery, thus guaranteeing best-of-
class quality and reliability in every detail.