Powerful CAFS firefighting equipment.
Properties of CAFS
Excellent throw range as well as su-
perb throw height due to the increased
energy value of the CAF foam.
Excellent adhesion of the CAF foam to
smooth and vertical surfaces as well
as first-class foam stability due to the
fine and homogeneous foam structure.
Advantages of CAFS firefighting equipment
suitable for direct fire fighting of solid and liquid fires as
large safety distance between the user and the flam-
well as for preventative protection of objects at risk of
mable object as well as fighting of fires in inaccessible
fire through the application of CAFS
areas thanks to excellent throw ranges and heights of
rapid extinguishing success as well as excellent burn-
the CAF
back safety thanks to the thorough and highly efficient
large extinguishing agent capacity with equal water
mode of action of the CAFS
volume due to active foam expansion
minimal fire damage through immediate suppression of
flames as well as low water damage through complete
evaporation of the water bound in the CAF
simple extinguishing procedure that saves extinguishing
agent due to the CAF sticking to the flammable object
and evaporating on the still hot surface