POLY extinguishing systems Rosenbauer
Independent. Innovative. User-friendly.
Emergency response organizations all over the world
rely on the unique, high-performance, and versatile
POLY extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer.
Advantages of the functionality
works entirely independent from external energy sources
especially easy to repair by exchanging the compressed
(engine or power unit) and technical systems (centrifugal
air bottle and through separate filling of the extinguishing
pump, foam proportioning system and air compressor)
agent tank with clear water as well as the separate foam
and is therefore always reliably and permanently ready
compound cartridge with foam compound, without having
for action
to account for mixing ratios
easy and fast start-up by turning the compressed air
extremely low maintenance costs due to the storage of
bottle valve and actuating the CAFS nozzle
the foam compound separate from the water in a foam
can be operated with environmentally-friendly, fluo-
compound cartridge which allows for longer extinguishing
rine-free foam compounds due to the storage of the foam
agent intervals compared to ready-to-use water-foam
compound separate from the water in a foam compound
compound mixtures