Extinguishing Systems for the Korn Recycling Plant in Albstadt-Ebingen
Protection before a fire can spread
Recycling industrial waste carries a number of risks that
can result in fire.
The reason: the materials are highly flammable. If the ma-
terials or a hot surface ignite a spark, the inflamed materi-
als are transported by the conveyor belts and the fire can
spread rapidly throughout the whole plant. In addition to
that, the conveyor belts split into different directions.
The result: burning materials are carried into different
parts of the plant. In order to minimize the risk for fire it is
essential to secure hazards that could trigger a fire as early
as possible. Therefore a recycling plant needs stationary
Belt conveyor of the Korn Recycling GmbH
fire protection that activates within seconds. The conse-
quences of a fire in the plant could be fatal: on the one
hand immense costs arise for the loss of production and
the reconstruction of the facilities, on the other hand a fire
in this plant also constitutes a risk for the environment.
Permanently installed pipes with nozzles
Special requirements for the extinguishing system
In order to work effectively, stationary fire protection for
the Korn recycling plant has to meet multiple require-
Fast detection of sparks and incipient stage fires
Activation of the extinguishing process in less than 0.5 s
Extinguishing the fire without having to stop production
Autonomous extinguishing system
Completely automatic extinguishing process
CAFS nozzles