COMFORT ladder lowering system Rosenbauer
COMFORT ladder lowering
Safety and ergonomics with a system
Entirely ergonomic
The COMFORT ladder lowering device constitutes a system that can be operated both electrically and manually.
Depending on the type, the maximum loading weight can range from 50-150 kg and this capacity is recognizable from
the code number after the product name. Safety and ergonomics were the predominant factors during the development
of the COMFORT system and in order to achieve minimum physical loads on the firefighters, the final position of the
cradle is below 30 degrees.
Versatile applications. Simple working.
Compact dimensions
Rosenbauer's COMFORT ladder lowering system* offers
The COMFORT series is suitable for universal applications
convincing operation that is both extremely simple and
and no special prerequisites are required for the fitting
safe. In addition to the holders, the electrical lowering
of vehicles with the lowering system. A base frame length
system facilitates the quick loading and unloading of three-
of 2,950 mm and a cradle length of 5,000 mm ensure
section sliding and scaling ladders, suction hoses and
unrestricted installation on standard fire service vehicle
other items of equipment. The high loading capacity of up
to 150 kg, permits the transport of important additional
) The COMFORT ladder lowering system has been registered for industrial property rights
payloads, such as inflatable dinghies.
in several countries.
Can be easily mounted on all standard fire service vehicle superstructures.
Versatile applications. Also for inflatable dinghies.
Low height. High load-bearing
Press-button lowering
An aluminum cradle accommodates
All three types of COMFORT ladder
both sliding ladders and suction hoses
lowering system offer plentiful space
and can be run out from the back of
for additional payload. Depending on
the vehicle by means of a rack. Lowe-
the ladder cradle, the widths of 510,
ring into an ergonomically ideal positi-
540 and 600 mm allow space-saving
on takes place using spring cushioning.
roof loading. In addition, the lateral
A special feature is the triggering of
placing of holders for suction hoses
each phase with a single press of a
is possible.
Everything can be operated with one hand.