Rosenbauer COMFORT ladder lowering system
How much COMFORT do you want?
50, 100, or 150?
The COMFORT 50 ladder lowering
device with manual operation
A wealth of variations
The functional principles
of the COMFORT 50
The COMFORT 50 ladder lowering system offers safe and
easy handling for loads of up to 50 kg. It is made of light-
weight aluminum and three lateral supports are bonded or
bolted onto the roof of the vehicle. Depending on the type,
up to four scaling ladders can be accommodated.
More lowering comfort: the operating lever
The COMFORT 50 Type A ladder lowering system can be
used on superstructures with height of between 2,300 and
3,000 cm. An operating lever facilitates comfortable ladder
removal at ground level. The lever* is simple locked into the
pre-mounted hinge.
) Special version: the operating lever can be ordered as an extra
The COMFORT 50 in overview:
Load weights of up to 50 kg
Roof anchorage on three lateral
supports possible
Accommodation of up to four
scaling ladders possible
Several variations available