COMFORT ladder lowering system Rosenbauer
50, 100, or 150?
The functional principles
of the COMFORT 100
The COMFORT 50 ladder lowering
The COMFORT 100 ladder lowering
device with manual operation
device with manual operation
Outstanding safety and ergonomics
The COMFORT 100 lowering system convinces with
optimum safety and ergonomics for firefighters in combi-
nation with loads of up to 100 kg. These characteristics
are ensured by a low removal height and the end position
of the support sections at between 35 and 55. Even
the loading and unloading of heavy equipment involves
markedly less effort.
High load-bearing capacity
The high load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg offers
space for important additional payloads such as suction
hoses or essential ladders. Like the 50 version, the
COMFORT 100 can be supplied with an operating lever
for comfortable removal at ground level.
Low height for more room
The COMFORT 100 ladder lowering device has a height of
only 120 mm and its width of just 240 mm is also extreme-
ly space-saving. These optimized dimensions ensure more
room on the roof.
The COMFORT 100 in overview:
Safe, ergonomic operation
Ideal for the holding and fixing of long equipment
Low height of 120 mm
High load bearing capacity of up to 100 kg