Rosenbauer COMFORT ladder lowering system
The Comfort 150 ladder lowering
system with electrical drive and push
The functional principles
of the COMFORT 150
button control
The height of COMFORT
The COMFORT 150 ladder lowering system combines the
advantages of the 50 and 100 series with regard to safety
and ergonomics with a very high loading capacity of
150 kg. Using the COMFORT 150 ladder lowering system,
firefighters can load and unload even the heaviest equip-
ment without excessive physical strain.
Versatile applications
The COMFORT 150 ladder lowering system can be sup-
plied in differing types. Depending on requirements, it is
possible to load up various sorts of ladders, suction hoses
of up to 5 m and other pieces of extra equipment. These
items can be fix-mounted or anchored individually or in
The COMFORT 150 in overview:
Safe and ergonomic with high load-
bearing capacity of up to 150 kg
Low height of only 190 mm
Versatile applications
Several variations available