Case Study Extinguishing Systems Korn Recycling Rosenbauer
Fast. Efficient. Individual.
The solution from Rosenbauer.
When developing the extinguishing system the goal was to
adapt it as individually as possible to the requirements of
Korn and to meet the close delivery date of only 6 weeks.
An overview of the measures:
Protection of the conveyor belts with permanently
installed pipes and special CAFS nozzles
Object protection through additional hose reels for
manual operation
2 Trolleys for the shunting area in order to extinguish
incipient stage fires right away
Protection of a total of 3 plants or 10 extinguishing areas
After a thorough analysis, the fully automatic CAFS indoor
with conveyor belts having a width of 800 to 2,800 mm
extinguishing system proved to be the most effective solu-
Precise extinguishing of incipient stage fires
tion since it covers all security-related aspects.
Secured operation of the plant through a fully automatic
CAFS indoor extinguishing system
Activation of the extinguishing process in less than 0.5 s
Application of the established and highly effective
compressed air foam system
CAFS. For a quicker fire out!
Nearly all Rosenbauer fire extinguishing systems are based on the innovative
compressed air foam system (CAFS). Here are just a few of the many advan-
tages that come with CAFS:
(1) Foam expansion is actively controlled in the CAFS mixing chamber, i.e.
in surroundings that are protected against environmental influences.
The retardant foam is distributed over the entire base of the fire.
(2) Compressed air foam, with its uniformly high foam quality, adheres to
hot surfaces.
(3) Less extinguishing water evaporates. This leads to more efficient
firefighting due to less water vapor and better visibility.
(4) Flames are deprived of oxygen and extinguished more rapidly.
(5) Provides enhanced protection against backburning.
(6) Moderate application rates ensure efficient firefighting and keep
water damage to a minimum.
(7) CAFS gives extended range and is sure to blanket the fuel.
Hose reel for manual operation.