Mobile equipment carriers Rosenbauer
Mobile equipment carriers.
Individual solutions for every operation.
The fire and emergency services must respond to a wide
range of incidents, ranging from road traffic accidents, to
fires, flooding, storm damages and many more. Special
equipment is needed for every one of these situations
and must be transported to the scene of the operation as
quickly as possible. For this logistic challenge, Rosenbauer
has developed robust mobile equipment carrier systems,
which fit into any standard fire fighting vehicle.
The mobile equipment carrier can be custom designed to
match any demand at the emergency scene. Ideal y, a variety
of carriers are available to the emergency forces, each indivi-
dual carriers carrying specific equipment and supplies for a
certain purpose. The most frequently used MECs can be kept
on board the vehicle, less frequently used MEC can be stored
in the fire station. Such a system greatly simplifies the logis-
tic chal enges in case of a major emergency, enabling quick
transport of equipment needed at the emergency scene with
minimized manpower requirements. The mobile equipment
carriers al come in standard EU palette dimensions of
1.2 x 0.8 m and have an integrated braking system. There
are no protruding parts, space efficient storage on a vehicle
is achieved. This means that several MECs can be loaded
onto a vehicle either side by side, or in a line. It is an efficient
and ideal method of equipment transport, especial y when
the incident scene cannot be directly approached.
Individual, robust mobile equipment carriers
Flexible stocking with the necessary equipment
Clean and protected equipment storage
Rapid vehicle loading
Simple and safe transportation of heavy equipment
Other lengths and widths are available on request