Rosenbauer Mobile equipment carriers
Only the best materials.
Reliable functionality for the entire service life.
The mobile equipment carriers
employed by the fire and emergency
services must be extremely robust
and durable. Therefore, Rosenbauer
MECs are made from tough, top qual-
ity materials, corrosion-free aluminum
al oys and stainless steel. Loads of up
to 400 kg can be easily transported
to the incident scene by a single
Highly functional wheels are ab-
solutely vital for easy movement.
Consequently, as a standard feature,
Rosenbauer's MECs are fitted with
first class, highly durable wheels
made from synthetic material of
best quality.
Only first class materials
A long service life
Easy to use
Safe transportation of equipment
to the emergency scene.
Rosenbauer mobile equipment carri-
Several MECs can be stored in the
ers are designed to be operated by a
vehicle equipment compartments
single person. Comfortable, signal-
with minimum spacing requirements.
color handle bars, a brake lever, two
A special locking system ensures that
fixed and two swivel wheels make the
the MECs are firmly anchored in the
MECs very easy to use.
vehicle. No movement is possible in
locked condition and this both pro-
All MECs are fitted with a brake
tects the equipment and reduces the
release handle (dead man control
injury risk.
handle), a standard feature. Once the
MEC is released, it brakes automati-
Accordingly, equipment can be
cally and thus ensures safe operation
brought directly to the emergency
in any situation.
scene, quickly and in an orderly and
space-saving manner.