,,When we decided to equip our facilities with stationary fire protection to protect the waste sorting
plant and the refuse derived fuel treatment plant, there was no optimum solution on the market
yet. Because of the high risk of fire during the production process and the special requirements of
the most modern treatment plant in the world, we have decided in favor of an energy independent
extinguishing system and have found a reliable partner in Rosenbauer. This extinguishing system
with compressed air foam constitutes the optimal protection.
A combination of permanently installed pipes with special nozzles, hose reels for manual operation,
and Trolleys were installed in nearly no time without any problem. The extinguishing system is easily
operable and is based on the innovative compressed air foam system that protects our plant the
best way possible. In addition with the spark detection system from GreCon our production process
is secured optimally. When the extinguishing system is activated, there is only a short standstill in
the production."
Dietmar Joost, Head of the plant for the treatment of fuel substitutes, Korn Recycling GmbH
"The Rosenbauer CAFS extinguishing system has become even more effective through fast and
sensitive spark detection. Due to the warning device's ability to detect the smallest glowing embers
on the conveyor belts and to spot flying sparks in the suction pipe, incipient stage fires can be
extinguished fully automatically. This leads to the absence of follow-up costs and the reduction or
prevention of downtime.
All components of the detection system are tested by the VdS and are put into operation by GreCon
as an approved installation firm. All relevant parameters of the fire extinguishing process and the
detection are supervised and stored by the alarm center. Failures are reported right away and a
history of the event is can be retrieved at any time. The GreCon infrared warning device far infrared
spark detection system (DLD) is suitable for the rough industry environment, also at the possible
presence of external light."
Dipl.- Min. Ralf Steiner, Area sales manager South, GreCon GmbH & Co. KG
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