Mobile equipment carriers Rosenbauer
The quick delivery of the right equipment directly to
When danger threatens.
the operational scene.
Mobile equipment carriers have become indispensable in the HAZMAT area, which related to incidents involving dangerous
substances. In such cases, a large area is cordoned off for safety reasons and as a general rule, vehicles have to stop at
the perimeter limits, rather far away from the actual emergency scene. Nevertheless, using MECs, the required equipment
can be brought easily beyond the perimeter wherever the equipment is needed.
Mobile equipment carrier solutions.
Rosenbauer has designed a number of
ready equipped MECs for operations in
the HAZMAT area:
"DECON tent" MEC
"Hot water preparation/DECON
shower" MEC
"DECON shower" MEC
"Capture equipment" MEC
"Sealing equipment" MEC
"Drainage equipment" MEC
"Power generation" MEC
,,DEKON tent" MEC
,,Hot water preparation/
Rollcontainer ,,DEKON shower" MEC
DECON shower" MEC
Rollcontainer ,,Sealing equipment" MEC
Rollcontainer ,,Drainage equipment" MEC