Your reaction saves lives.
Innovative. Safe. Individual.
Operational training with the
To make sure the crew can react intuitively in dangerous
PANTHER Tactical Simulator.
situations, Rosenbauer has developed the PANTHER
Tactical Simulator, a simulation system of the highest level.
Particularly as aircraft accidents at airports are rare,
The simulator makes it possible to train for situations that
optimal preparation is the key to a successful operation.
could never be re-created in real life, such as the use of
Reaction times are very short, every action taken in an
foam agents.
emergency must be just right.
210 projection with boom and monitor in field of view to realistically experience the virtual operation.
Experience for airport operations.
In the PANTHER Tactical Simulator, you and your team
practice operating your technically demanding vehicles on
one hand, and specific tactics at the corresponding airport
on the other. The simulator can be programmed to inte-
grate all runway traffic. Through the range of events that
can be simulated, it is possible to constantly set new and
individual training focuses. Training on the simulator helps
you get the most out of your training budget, but it also
reduces your environmental impact since no actual water,
foam, fuel, and gas need to be used.