Rosenbauer - PANTHER Tactical Simulator
Experience reality - Down to the smallest detail.
A PANTHER driving compartment is used for the most
realistic simulator experience possible. The cockpit there-
fore matches every detail of the vehicles that are in opera-
tion in airports around the world. Through the information
provided by the trainer, who accompanies the simulator
exercise, you are immersed in the operation. Turning on
the engine, getting the multi-ton PANTHER moving and
mastering the training scenario as quickly and effectively
as possible, that is now the goal.
Depending on the operational scenario, either a burning,
upside down wreck awaits you or a smoking plane that
was unable to lower its landing gear before landing. To
manage the operation, you have to keep track of many
things. Where is the wind coming from? What is the start-
ing place? When the PANTHER approaches the aircraft
from the proper direction, the extinguishing process can
start. The joysticks for controlling the bumper turret, the
STINGER or a roof turret, are of course also built into the
cockpit in original design.
PANTHER driving compartment in front of 210 screen.
PANTHER Tactical Simulator:
More safety thanks to simulation systems from Rosenbauer.
Original PANTHER driving
The very realistic experience is made
You will be supported by the trainer,
Original cockpit
possible by the 210 screen with a
who is always watching what is
210 screen with 3 projectors
diagonal size of eight meters in front
happening during training. After every
incl. edge-blending
of the PANTHER cockpit. A further
simulated operation it is reviewed.
Instructor station
screen is mounted above the driver`s
An unprecedented review option is
User and trainer seat
head. On the front right you can see
offered by the ,,Flying Eye". The re-
Mirrows screen
the turret represented in true detail,
corded training can then be analysed
Roof windows screen
while the STINGER or the RM60 moni-
from a bird`s eye perspective from all
tor can be seen above your head.
desired viewing angles.