Rosenbauer - PANTHER Tactical Simulator
Simulator training from Rosenbauer.
To get a firefighting vehicle quickly to the scene of an
The aim of the simulator training is to optimize
accident on an airfield, assess the situation in the shortest
your reaction times and processes in risky
amount of time and to precisely extinguish it is risky and
operational situations.
also demanding mentally and physically. For more driving
You learn how to recognize critical situations,
practice and safety, Rosenbauer offers a world-class simu-
how to avoid them and how to react appropriately.
lation system with the PANTHER tactical simulator to train
Training includes furthering core competences
driving behaviour and to optimize reactions.
in problem recognition and implementation of
standardized reactions in dangerous situations.
PANTHER Tactical Simulator impresses with:
Realistic training for emergency situations.
Optimized training effects
Reduced training costs
Train realistically and lower costs.
Large variety of incidents
Analysable (Flying Eye)
Training with the Rosenbauer PANTHER Tactical Simulator
has many advantages. Operational training in the simulator
is much cheaper than real-life training. And scenarios
can be used, which are impossible in conventional training.
Additionally, a training unit can be repeated until every
action is right, time allowing. The training results are
reproducible and thus enable the continuous further
development of your team.