Light mast with LED-headlights
The light mast FLEXILIGHT LED convinces with the combination of highest light efficiency and the
absolute flexibility of illumination - now also right up to the sky. The light mast can not only be used as
extended ambient lighting, it is also capable of illuminating every point around the vehicle.
Light performance
Easy controls
high light performance by using LED-lamps
control via wireless remote control
possibility of focusing the light
light mast`s functions can be control ed over a
,,wandering beam" by using a rotable and tiltable
distance of more than 100 m (330 ft)
mast head
optional control on vehicle
extended ambient lighting
Suitable for all vehicle types
Low power requirement
municipal vehicles
power supply 24 V
special vehicles
power consumption just 450 W
industrial vehicles
no generator necessary
ARFF vehicles
dynamo supply
special applications like trailers