Rosenbauer Case Study Remondis
Fire protection in the recycling process
Remondis, Orglmeister, and Rosenbauer global leadership.
Remondis a leading company in the water and environmental services sector
Remondis is the world`s leading specialist in the area of water and environmental services. In more than 500 branch
offices and associated companies on three continents, Remondis handles all steps of the value chain from the
collection, through the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste.
High-quality raw materials, premium products, as well as environmentally-friendly energy sources are produced from
waste. Remondis substantially invests in research and development in order to create new, strong products through
state-of-art recycling technologies. As a result, it is possible to establish more and more closed circuits, thus protecting
the environment. The Remondis subsidiary in Bochum, Germany, sorts and treats 500 tons of lightweight packaging
from household waste every day.