Rosenbauer Stationary Fire Protection
Stationary extinguishing systems faster than firefighters.
Defense is important. Prevention is even better.
Even before firefighters arrive, stationary extinguishing systems from
Rosenbauer can rapidly and effectively protect people and facilities
where, sprinkler and spray water systems, for instance, don`t offer the
best protection. Ideally even before a fire starts.
The turnkey solutions impress with their excellent extinguishing
power. Through integrated measuring and fire detection systems, the
Rosenbauer extinguishing system can react within seconds and can
extinguish incipient fires literally before they even start.
Stationary extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer can be used
wherever machines are at risk of fire and flammable materials require
protection. Indoor extinguishing systems are for the protection of
people, buildings, and machinery. Turret extinguishing systems are
used to extinguish with precision. Tunnel extinguishing systems ensure
protection in tunnels, large halls, and in wide-open spaces. The POLY
CAFS TWIN AGENT is a semi-stationary firefighting system for the
protection of special industrial applications. To allow maximum efficien-
cy and safety, the system concept is always individually adapted to the
corresponding protection target.
Stationary fire protection from Rosenbauer impresses with
individual system concepts,
turnkey solutions,
excellent extinguishing performance.
The specialist for special extinguishing systems.
Nearly 150 years of experience in the area of firefighting equipment
as well as ongoing research and development make Rosenbauer the
technology and innovation leader in fire protection. From planning,
development, and start-up right through to maintenance and servicing of
extinguishing systems, Rosenbauer is a competent specialist and partner.