Stationary fire protection Rosenbauer
Stationary extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer.
Stationary extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer are an important part of industrial fire
protection. They can already fight fires in the formation stage, prevent their spread, and reduce
production downtimes and standstills. Rosenbauer offers customized, integrated solutions with
highly effective firefighting equipment. The individual concepts are used in the most diverse of
sectors and industrial applications, such as recycling plants, helicopter landing pads, power
stations, indoor and outdoor storage areas, conveyor belts or for industrial machine protection.
Everything from one supplier.
Every company, machine, and warehouse has different requirements when it comes to fire
protection. That is why Rosenbauer develops powerful extinguishing systems for optimum
protection together with those responsible for fire protection in your company as well as
the responsible engineering offices, insurance companies, and authorities. During the entire
project from the first inspection of the object to be protected right through to maintenance
Rosenbauer's competent team of experts will support you.
Innovative, effective, lucrative.
Stationary and semi-stationary extinguishing systems must correspond to the highest quality
and safety standards. That is why Rosenbauer develops and produces the key elements of
firefighting equipment and extinguishing agent outlets in-house. Important components such
as turrets, CAF systems or self-sufficient POLY systems are manufactured by specialists and
meet the usual high Rosenbauer quality standards.
Three good reasons for stationary extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer:
Protection against production standstills and downtimes
Prevention of consequential damage and image loss
Possible reduction of insurance rates
Energy autonomous POLY extinguishing system as an optimum integrated solution:
No electricity. No pumps. No electrical lines.
Simple drive through compressed air
Simple installation and retrofitting
Low space requirements
System size adapted to protection target