Rosenbauer Stationary Fire Protection
Rosenbauer a partner for everything.
Products, consulting, and services from a single supplier.
Development and installation.
The extinguishing concept is precisely adapted to the corresponding application and indi-
vidually to your requirements for optimum protection. The Rosenbauer team of experts will
accompany you through all project phases. You will be supported by a competent project
team from the start. On-site analysis ensures individual adaptation of the extinguishing
system to your protection targets. The customized extinguishing system is manufactured,
assembled, and put into operation by Rosenbauer. Of course, Rosenbauer will also take
care of the support, maintenance, and servicing of the system.
Maintenance and servicing.
Stationary extinguishing system are important first response appliances at the scene of a
fire. They can save lives and protect expensive assets. Regular inspections and maintenance
by Rosenbauer experts are therefore essential to ensure a long service life. Legal require-
ments are also fulfilled to maintain operational readiness. Only specially trained staff carry
out repair and maintenance works and issue the ,,Rosenbauer Service Inspection Label."
Modernization and refurbishment.
Even if you already have a stationary extinguishing system, you can benefit from the
advantages of innovative Rosenbauer firefighting technology. Simply let the Rosenbauer
refurbishment team modernize or expand your system.
Reliability through high-quality service:
Operational readiness of the system
Cost Savings
Support of the extinguishing system and equipment from
Timely service and repair work
a single source
Predictable costs
Expert inspection
Increasing the service life of the system
Minimized failure risk
Value retention of the equipment and systems
Full functional readiness
Increased safety
Increased safety
Inspection by authorized personnel
Maintenance of the system at regular intervals
High quality service
Increasing operational safety