Case Study Remondis Rosenbauer
Turret fire extinguishing system protecting
the delivery and storage area
Activation: automatic through PYROsmart
infrared detection
Protected area: approx. 1,170 m2 (12,600 sq ft)
Delivery rate: 1,500 l/min (400 gallons/min)
Application device: 1 turret RM15C
Extinguishing agent: foam
Rosenbauer individual fire protection solutions
Orglmeister Infrarot Systeme (OIS)
Rosenbauer means fire protection and has for over
Orglmeister is an innovative enterprise with more than
140 years. Today Rosenbauer is one of the world's largest
20 years of experience in the field of infrared thermal imag-
manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles, and both station-
ing. It focuses on the development and implementation of
ary and semi-stationary fire extinguishing system. Fire
automation solutions and early- fire detection systems.
departments, operators of industrial plants and planning
and engineering offices across the globe put their trust
Today, OIS offers a competent infrared (IR) product line
in Rosenbauer's cutting-edge technologies, systems and
from IR fire detection through to panoramic, thermal
imaging systems. Many references from industrial clients,
Rosenbauer itself develops and manufactures the key
and from the field of recycling, underline the quality and
components used in the technologies of firefighting and
innovative nature of the company`s products and system
extinguishing-agent delivery, thus guaranteeing
best-of-class quality and reliability in every detail.