Rosenbauer Stationary Fire Protection
Turret and indoor extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer.
Efficient. Safe. Economic.
Turret extinguishing systems
Targeted fire fighting targeted extinguishing process.
Rosenbauer`s turret extinguishing systems are used
With its flexibility and outputs of up to 15,000 l/min,
where sprinkler and spray water systems no longer offer
Rosenbauer turret extinguishing systems offer protec-
sufficient protection.
tion for buildings and objects, such as recycling plants,
waste bunkers, storage halls, airplane hangars, helicopter
landing pads, or tank farms. The precise turret control
and excellent throw ranges allow extinguishing agent
application even over large distances. The turret can also
be connected to a temperature surveillance system.
This enables a targeted extinguishing process after the
detection of a hot-spot.
Turret extinguishing systems advantages:
Suitable for different extinguishing agents
(water, foam, CAFS, powder)
Turret extinguishing systems Areas of application:
Throw ranges of up to 120 m
Optimized turret nozzles, also for low pressure
Aircraft hangars
Intuitive operation and compact design
Storage halls and outdoor storage areas
Automatic oscillating function
Engine test benches
Recycling plants and waste bunkers
Helicopter landing pads
Oil jetties