Stationary fire protection Rosenbauer
Turret and indoor extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer.
Efficient. Safe. Economic.
Indoor extinguishing systems
Rosenbauer extinguishing systems with POLY technology
are energy autonomous extinguishing systems and work
Innovative system technology combined with
without pumps, motors, or electrical wiring. When con-
maximum extinguishing efficiency.
nected to a fire alarm system, the system is automatically
activated in the event of a fire.
Indoor extinguishing systems protect people, buildings,
machinery, and flammable materials. The units are based
For mobile first response, Rosenbauer offers two extin-
on the innovative CAFS compressed air foam system,
guishing units. The drivable POLY TROLLEY SL35/50 CAFS
whereby the water/foam mixture is actively expanded into
and the portable or drivable POLY PORTEX SL10 can be
compressed air foam by introducing compressed air. The
positioned at a sufficiently safe distance from the fire and
extinguishing agent is then distributed via full cone spray
are ready for operation within seconds.
Indoor extinguishing systems advantages:
Highest extinguishing efficiency through CAFS
Easy to retrofit
Indoor extinguishing systems Areas of application:
Possibility of external extinguishing agent feed in
Small space requirements
Conveyor belts
Energy-autonomous operation possible
Easily, quickly, and cheaply refillable.
Paint shops
Vehicles, agricultural machinery