Rosenbauer Stationary Fire Protection
Tunnel and offshore extinguishing systems. Special applications.
Innovative. Intuitive. Safe.
Tunnel extinguishing systems
Safety is the top priority.
Tunnel extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer are
Thanks to their simple operation, the tunnel extinguishing
compact extinguishing systems that can be attached
systems are efficient tools for emergency crews as well
along a tunnel in small recesses and connected to the
as for untrained first responders on the scene. Tunnel
local water supply. Water or CAFS can be used as extin-
extinguishing systems make it possible to fight fires in the
guishing agents. The tunnel extinguishing systems meet
initial stage and before firefighters even arrive. Because
the Austrian guidelines and regulations for road traffic
every minute counts in an emergency. Long throw ranges
(RVS no. 09.02.22).
of up to 25 m allow the operator to extiguish the fire from
a safe distance. More than 500 installations across Europe
speak for this economical and low-maintenance extinguish-
ing system.
Tunnel extinguishing systems advantages:
Intuitive operation and long throw ranges
Ready for use immediately and available in
Tunnel extinguishing systems Areas of application:
the entire tunnel
Highest extinguishing power and safety
While tunnel extinguishing systems were developed for fire
against backburning
protection in tunnels, they are also used in other areas:
Also available with CAFS
Storage spaces
Easy to retrofit
Factory and machine halls
Power station building
Helicopter landing pads