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Targeted protection
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Seamless monitoring around the clock
Durable and low-maintenance components
Reference 2 ­ Turret extinguishing systems for Tönsmeier Wertstoffe GmbH & Co. KG
Tönsmeier, an environmental service provider and energy supplier with more than 30 treatment, sorting, and recycling plants in Germany, the Netherlands,
Poland, and Austria makes a significant contribution to preserving natural resources. In Oppin, Tönsmeier operates an ultra-modern mechanical treatment plant
for the recovery of waste, amongst others. The delivered material ­ mostly plastic and paper ­ is highly flammable and represents a high fire load. The powerful
turret extinguishing system combined with an infrared detection system effectively supplements the existing extinguishing and alarm facilities. If the system
detects a hot-spot, it immediately ensures that the affected area is cooled with foam.
Reference 3 ­ Indoor extinguishing
system for the Liebherr Plant
Bischofshofen GmbH
The Liebherr family business was founded
in 1949 and is one of the largest construction
machinery manufacturers in the world.
At the Bischofshofen site, between 2,000 and
3,000 wheel loaders with in-service weights
are manufactured annually. All painted parts
get their protective and paint coats in the in-
house paint shop. The Liebherr compressed
air foam extinguishing system is a purely
mechanical solution like many Rosenbauer
CAFS systems. It works without engines and
pumps and does not need an external energy
supply. Compressed air functions as the
energy carrier, whereby a self-sufficient and
reliable operation is ensured at all times in a
real emergency.