Challenging initial situation
The waste sorting plant in Bochum stores all kinds of
household packaging waste and sorts it for further treat-
ment. These materials subsequently leave the plant as
recycled products.
The waste delivered to the plant is inherently hazardous,
as it is easily flammable, and represents a substantial fire
load. In case of spontaneous self-ignition of the waste, a
fire could destroy the expensive sorting facilities, leading
PYROsmart infrared system
to long-term production downtimes and environmental
The detection even works reliably when the area is
covered in thick smoke. When a hot-spot is detected, the
Perfect protection for complex requirements
camera automatically sends a signal with the coordinates
of the affected area to the Rosenbauer turret extinguish-
PYROsmart, the early-fire detection infrared system by
ing system.
Orglmeister scans the entire delivery and production hall
around the clock and creates a thermographic panoramic
The turret, mounted on the ceiling of the hall, starts the
image. It is able to distinguish between easily combustible
extinguishing operation with pinpoint accuracy. Throw
areas (such as hot spots), and harmless hot objects such
ranges of up to 60 m (197 feet) guarantee reaching com-
as truck exhausts.
bustible material safely over the length of the entire hall.
Customized solutions
The combination of an infrared early-fire
detection system and CAFS extinguishing
technology assures ongoing production
operations at Remondis.
Detecting fires before they break out
Seamless monitoring of large areas
Pinpoint extinguishing
Durable, low-maintenance components
Modularly extensible
POLY CAFS SL200 fire extinguishing system