Stationary fire protection Rosenbauer
Reference 4 Indoor extinguishing system
for Korn Recycling GmbH
Korn operates one of the most modern
commercial waste sorting and refuse-derived
fuel treatment plants in the world. The danger
of a spark jumping into the system`s shredders
is high, which may cause an incipient fire
due to the highly flammable materials. A fire
could quickly spread to other parts of the
plant through the fast moving conveyor belts.
With the stationary fire protection system in-
stalled by Rosenbauer, sparks and hot surfaces
are quickly detected, and the extinguishing
process is automatically initiated in less than
0.5 seconds. The conveyor belts are protected
against incipient fires by a fully automated
CAFS indoor extinguishing system with
installed pipework and precise extinguishing.
Additional hose reels are available for object
protection. The risk of downtime is reduced to
a minimum.
Reference 6 Turret extinguishing systems for the Spreerecycling power plant, Hamburger Rieger GmbH, Power Station division
Spreerecycling is a subsidiary of Hamburger Rieger Papierfabrik Spremberg. About 750 tonnes of treated commercial and municipal waste is delivered there
daily, which is then stored in four 32 m high bunkers before it is burnt and converted to energy. Fires can ignite in the bunkers due to the interaction of different
stored materials. A stationary extinguishing system was set up to prevent this, the heart of which is made up of six turrets in combination with an infrared
system for early fire detection. The infrared system scans the bunkers around the clock. If an incipient fire or a rise in temperature is detected in the bunker,
the system sends the coordinates of the hot-spot to the turret extinguishing system. The turrets align themselves to the hot-spot and reach all areas of the four
bunkers with a throw range of up to 65 m. The extinguishing process can be performed via remote control or completely automatically.