Rosenbauer Reliable Fire Protection
Resistant. Safe.
Powerful stationary fire protection systems and maintenance.
High-quality maintenance and servicing of your extinguishing systems
Permanently installed fire protection systems are important first response devices at the fire scene. They save lives and
protect material assets. Beyond planning and installing stationary fire protection systems, we also offer a comprehensive
maintenance package for your stationary fire extinguishing systems, including inspections, maintenance, and servicing.
With these services, we ensure the operational reliability of your system.
Assessment of the system status
Maintenance, repair, and servicing
Our service employees will support you with their experi-
Our service portfolio ensures seamless operational readi-
ence in the proper implementation of maintenance works.
ness of your extinguishing system in the event of a fire.
Partnership is important to us: Therefore, Rosenbauer is
Regardless of whether your fire protection system has
focused on seamless, reliable, and permanent collabora-
been installed recently or has been there for some time
tion. We are here for you every step of the way.
regular servicing and maintenance are indispensable for
effective fire protection measures.