Powerful stationary fire protection systems and maintenance.
Experience. Know-how. Competence.
Rosenbauer ­ powerful fire extin-
Before installing a stationary fire
guishing systems and individual
protection system, our engineers
solutions to protect people and
analyze the on-site situation. An
material assets
optimum solution is then especially
developed to meet the requirements
On site analysis
Rosenbauer is fire protection. For over
of the customer. We are a competent
140 years. Today, Rosenbauer is one
partner standing at your side beyond
of the leading global manufacturers of
startup and commissioning: innova-
municipal fire fighting vehicles, aerial
tive, professional and reliable.
rescue devices, special airport and in-
dustrial vehicles, telematics solutions
The advantages of stationary extin-
as well as stationary and semi-station-
guishing systems from Rosenbauer
ary extinguishing systems. Profes-
sional and voluntary fire departments,
Effective operation in the event
airport fire fighters as well as planning
of a fire
and engineering offices around the
Low application rates
globe trust the cutting edge technolog-
Targeted use of extinguishing agents
ical solutions from Rosenbauer.
Large throw ranges of the turrets
Optimally tailored to customer needs, cleaning
system Lake Ossiacher See Water District
Rosenbauer uses its fire protection
know-how for the R&D of perma-
nently installed extinguishing
systems. Rosenbauer develops
and produces the key elements of
firefighting equipment and extin-
guishing agent release devices
Stationary fire extinguishing system in a delivery hall, Karl Tönsmeier Entsorgungswirtschaft GmbH & Co KG, Oppin