Reliable Fire Protection Rosenbauer
Powerful maintenance.
Servicing in regular intervals
Our service staff will execute main-
tenance works in regularly scheduled
intervals. You will be reminded by
our customer service department
in advance of upcoming scheduled
maintenance activities.
Maintenance services
Our especially trained and authorized
service staff will issue an inspection
label once maintenance work has
been completed.
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Service ctoin
An overview of the Rosenbauer service portfolio
Operational readiness of the system:
Cost savings:
Minimized risk of failure
Value retention of devices and systems
Professional inspection
Timely handling of all service and repair works
Full funktional readiness
Predictable costs
Support for your fire extinguishing systems
Increasing the service life of the system
and devices from a single provider
Increased safety:
Provision of a detailed inspection log
Testing by authorized personnel
Issue of an inspection label
Improving operational safety
Maintenance of the system at regular intervals
High-quality all-round service From planning,
installation, and expansion to maintenance and
ongoing servicing