Case Study Remondis Rosenbauer
Fire extinguishing system protecting the conveyor belt
and shredder
Activation: automatic through PYROsmart infrared detection
Fire extinguishing system: 2 POLY CAFS SL200
Energy-autonomous POLY fire extinguishing system
Application device: Special CAFS full cone spray nozzles
PYROsmart infrared system und CAFS extinguishing nozzles
Extinguishing agent: CAF (compressed air foam)
Safer production operations. Reliable technology.
CAFS. For a quicker fire out!
From the storage area, the material is transported to a
Many Rosenbauer fire extinguishing systems are based on
shredder. During the shredding process explosions can
the innovative compressed air foam system (CAFS). The
occur whereby flammable materials can enter the sorting
benefits this system offers include:
plant via a conveyor belt causing damage to the expensive
Foam expansion is actively control ed in the CAFS mixing
chamber, which is protected against environmental influences.
Compressed air foam with its uniformly high foam quality
Therefore the PYROsmart infrared system monitors the
sticks to hot surfaces, including vertical surfaces.
material on the conveyor belt. If an incipient stage fire is
Improved safety against back-burning and sustainable
detected, the CAFS extinguishing system automatically
cooling thanks to efficient extinguishing.
distributes compressed air foam over the entire surface
Flames are deprived of oxygen and extinguished more
of the burning material using full cone spray nozzles.
The automatic POLY CAFS fire extinguishing system is
Improved penetration into burning material due to reduc-
completely energy-autonomous - without the need for an
tion of the water`s surface tension
external energy source or pumps.
Low application rates ensure efficient firefighting and
keep water damage to a minimum.