Turret extinguishing systems Rosenbauer
Quality from the global leader.
Maximum extinguishing success with innovative turrets.
The turret as the core component.
Whether for protecting airplanes in a hangar or paper bales in storage areas,
in every turret extinguishing system application the turrets themselves play a
central role They determine the distances that are covered and the quality with
which the source of the fire is hit by the extinguishing agent.
Decades of experience in the development of turret mechanics and electronics
as well as the highest demands on functionality, technology, and design are
reflected in the quality and durability of Rosenbauer turrets. The turrets are
produced according to the highest industrial standards at our own factory.
Rosenbauer's quality management system has been ISO 9001-certified since
1993. The close collaboration of highly qualified employees in product manage-
ment, development, and production as well as the implementation of customer
feedback ensure a vast pool of knowledge and experience underlying the quality
of our products.
In-house development and construction
The most modern fabrication methods
Highest quality standards