Rosenbauer Turret extinguishing systems
Targeted prevention and reaction.
Optimum protection around the clock.
Faster than fire.
The infrared system PYROsmart scans the area being moni-
tored around the clock and creates a panoramic thermal
Prevention also plays an important role in Rosenbauer's fire
image. The turret extinguishing system receives a signal if
protection concepts. Because in the best case scenario,
significant changes in temperature are detected. Through
the fire won't even start in the first place. Together with the
an oscillating turret movement, the extinguishing agent is
specialist Orglmeister Infrarot Systeme, Rosenbauer has
then automatically transported to the hot spot to cool it in
developed a system for early hot spot detection and per-
a targeted manner. This process is repeated until a measur-
forming automatic cooling before a fire can even break out.
able cooling effect can be detected.
Automatic cooling before a fire breaks out
Targeted output of the extinguishing agent
Protection even outside of operating hours