Turret extinguishing systems Rosenbauer
Optimum protection around the clock.
Perfect interplay.
other fire alarm systems. The turret can provide targeted
cooling of the hot spot in its earliest stage.
In comparison to smoke or flame detectors which identify
fires only once they have broken out, the infrared system
Compared to conventional sprinkler systems, the turret
detects temperature changes outside of the specified
extinguishing system not only triggers earlier, but also
standard range. The threshold for the alarm can be defined
minimizes potential damage through the targeted output of
individually. This provides a significant time advantage over
Always optimally protected.
The combination of the PYROsmart
IR system and Rosenbauer turret
systems offers protection in risk
areas, even outside of operating
hours and in the absence of person-
nel. Of course, manual intervention
using joystick controls is possible at
any time.