Rosenbauer Turret extinguishing systems
Electronically controlled turrets.
Large throw ranges. High foam quality.
Rosenbauer turrets are optimally adapted to the on-site requirements of customers and set worldwide standards, above all
when it comes to throw ranges and foam quality. Regardless of whether protecting airplanes, recycling plants, or storage
areas - electronically controlled turrets from Rosenbauer impress with their innovative technical details:
Intuitive, fully electronic control
Variable output setting
Control of the turret is simple and intuitive by use of a joy-
Full discharge and partial discharge rates can be set using
stick. Sensitive motion sequences allow easy aiming and
the turret controls.
operating comfort.
Fully automatic oscillating function
Portable remote control device with joystick
The turret automatically runs the predetermined movement
With portable remote controlled joysticks, all functions can
and extinguishing pattern at a defined speed.
be accessed and up to eight turrets can be controlled.
Defined limits
Electronic full/spray jet adjustment
During the teach-in process, limits and curves are config-
From a targeted full spray to a wide spray jet - the stream
ured for the turret which cannot be exceeded during actual
pattern can be individually adapted to the protection
operations. This prevents the extinguishing stream from
being unintentionally aimed at sensitive areas.
Rosenbauer turrets tried and tested hundredfold.
Besides the many other turrets available from Rosenbauer
with flow rates up to 15,000 l/min, the tried and tested
RM15 is used the most for stationary fire protection. It
impresses with its excellent foam quality and outstanding
throw ranges. Due to its compact design and large radius
of action, it is especially suitable for protecting waste bun-
kers, storage areas, and recycling plants.
A protection unit from which the turret automatically
emerges in the event of an emergency was specially
developed for areas with extremely high debris and dust
exposure. This also protects the turret from mechanical
damage, for example, from garbage claws in waste