Turret extinguishing systems Rosenbauer
max. 360
Spray jet
Full jet, water up to 2,000
High flow rates
ay je
Excellent foam quality
Outstanding throw ranges
Large radius of action
Unique: the ChemCore nozzle.
Rosenbauer developed the innovative ChemCore nozzle in
order to optimize the output of dry powder already in the
turret. As a result, the RM15 turret, for example, can be
operated with up to 1,900 l/min of water, whereby the vol-
ume adjustment function remains fully available. Independ-
Dry powder
ent of this, dry powder is introduced into the water stream
at up to 1,5 kg/s, whereby the dry powder is distributed
over large throw ranges without any significant drift losses.
Rebounding plate with powder pipe
The combination of powder and foam is especially used for
liquid fires (such as kerosene fires). The dry powder sup-
Nozzle body
presses the flames, while the foam cools and forms a stable
foam blanket, thus depriving the burning liquid of oxygen
Adjustable solid jet/spray jet
and suffocating the flames.