Rosenbauer The compact AT
Compact and maneuverable.
More space. Less weight. More performance.
Down to the smallest detail.
The AT is designed with the most up-
to-date development and simulation
methods. The production process was
also perfected further.
All components are precisely tested
in numerous practical tests. The body
concept also sets new standards:
Now the AT is more durable, more
resistant to corrosion and is really
impressive with its high level of preci-
sion. High-quality materials guarantee
the best possible overall quality.
The systematic optimization of the AT
series decisively simplifies the opera-
tional activity for fire departments.
The AT is extremely
compact and has
a clear style. This
makes it possible
to provide a lot
of space at a low
weight while remai-
ning maneuverable
and powerful at the
same time.
Maneuverable, even in the narrowest alleys