Rosenbauer The compact AT
Integrated crew cab safest handling
characteristics with more space and comfort.
In the AT, the integrated crew cab has been developed
further with numerous safety and ergonomic features. The
interior offers the crew even more space. SCBA holders in
the crew cab can be installed both in as well as against the
direction of travel. 3-point safety belts on all seats and a
complete rollover airbag system on request with belt
tighteners for the outermost seats in the crew cab provide
even more safety for the crew. The safety of the crew is also
ensured in the driver's cab. Rosenbauer is certified accord-
ing to the ECE R29 guideline.
The additional intercom system integrated in the neck
supports allows stress-free and clear communication, even
with open windows or when the siren is switched on.
There is more space for equipment in separate equipment
compartments thanks to the proven crew cab concept.
Despite of this the driver's cab can easily be tipped over.
So the operator can quickly get to the vehicle engine for
maintenance. Additionally, the compact design improves
the driving behavior of the vehicle.
The crew cab more safety, more comfort
The indirect LED illumination in the AT ensures glare-free,
homogeneous lighting, while the built-in rollover airbags and
the 3-point safety belts provide even more safety. The overall
ergonomic concept of the crew cabin optimally supports the
firefighters in action.