Rosenbauer The compact AT
Intuitive and functional.
Operating with just a few steps Fast. Efficient.
Inform, operate, control from the
driver's cab.
The operating display in the driver's
cab quickly and comprehensively pro-
vides the driver with an overview of the
status of the entire vehicle. It informs
about tank contents, open equipment
compartments, and much more. Also
all signal units, lighting system as well
as extinguishing systems can be con-
trolled from this unit. It is also possible
to connect a reversing camera and a
thermal imaging camera.
Your advantages:
Highest operational safety
Clear, quick operation from driver's cab
Rapid and permanent self-diagnosis
Tested quality
Maximum reliability
Self-explanatory menu navigation
Glove operation
Operating display can be tilted and
the contrast is adjustable
Operating display in driver's cab
FIRECAN the standardized interface for electronic systems in the AT.
The FIRECAN system allows full operation of components such as generators and portable pumps from integrated vehi-
cle displays. The central monitoring device provides better availability of information in operation. For the firefighter this
means: more operating comfort with a uniform operating philosophy.
In addition, the information provided by FIRECAN plays an important role for diagnostics, maintenance, and repair.
The plug-and-play solution of the system also ensures component-compatibility independent of the fire fighting vehicle.
Advantage for the fire department: better use of the components over many years.