The powerful AT Rosenbauer
EPS Electric Power System elec-
trical power at maximum efficiency.
The innovative and patented EPS is
a completely new way of powering
all consumers in the vehicle right
through to the centrifugal pump. Via
a high-performance generator directly
on the second PTO, electrical energy
is produced at high power depend-
ing on the chassis up to 80 kVA.
Direct injection foam proportioning
systems, CAFS compressors, and all
consumers are then supplied with a
230 V or 400 V electric drive via the
converter. In addition, the vehicle can
be used as a mobile emergency pow-
er supply. The individual components
are stored in the body module or in
the frame to save space, thus leaving
more space for the equipment.
Space-saving generator installation in the frame
Supply easy to operate High
extinguishing performance.
Thanks to the central feed, the
hoses in the AT at only coupled to
one central point on the vehicle
regardless of whether the water
comes from a hydrant or a stream.
In combination with the tank system,
up to 4,500 l/min can be fed and