Rosenbauer The powerful AT
Truck-mounted pumps.
Many types. Many solutions.
Combined normal and high pressure pump
on the requirements: from manual to fully automatic.
well-equipped for operation.
The performance range of normal pressure pumps reaches
from 750 l/min up to 4,500 l/min in suction mode.
The AT series is fitted with high-quality Rosenbauer normal
The high pressure pumps from Rosenbauer provide up
and high pressure pumps. Compliance with all standards
to 400 l/min at 40 bar*. Radial impellers make the high
and safety regulations was very highly valued during the
pressure pumps impervious to dirt.
construction and production process.
Above all, the systems impress with their robustness and
The flat characteristic curve reduces pressure surges
their operational safety. Their ease of operation is another
when closing the nozzles. The large range of options of
big advantage: all pumps are controlled via the self-explana-
the normal pressure and high pressure pumps from
tory Rosenbauer LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System). This takes
Rosenbauer as well as the best possible integration of
the pressure of the operator.
foam proportioning systems offers firefighters highly
efficient solutions for effective fire fighting on the scene.
A further feature is the flexibility of the pumps: They can be
Rosenbauer truck-mounted pumps are certified according
adapted specifically to the chassis, the environment, and
to EN 1028 and NFPA 1901 (UL classified).
the operator. The operation is also selectable depending
User-friendly control
Normal pressure output**
High pressure performance
N25 / NH25
2,500 l/min 10 bar
3 m
NH25/NH35/ NH45
250 l/min
40 bar
N35 / NH35
3,500 l/min 10 bar
3 m
NH25/NH35/ NH45
400 l/min
40 bar
N45 / NH45
4,500 l/min 10 bar
3 m
*) Pump outputs always depend on the corresponding PTO.
**) The outputs achieved always depend on the suction hose used.