Rosenbauer The powerful AT
Proportioning systems and turrets.
Fast. Individual. Maintenance-free.
Around-the-pump foam proportion-
ing system FIXMIX automatic,
space-saving, and maintenance-free.
The FIXMIX is a mechanically-operated,
around-the-pump foam proportioning
system that is completely integrated into
the pump, available for pumps of the
N/NH series (N25, N35, N45, NH25,
NH35, NH45). The system works auto-
matically and adjusts to the pump output
and pump pressure. It is completely
maintenance-free. On the normal pres-
sure side, up to three different fixed pre-
set proportioning ratios can be selected.
High pressure FIXMIX
DIGIMATIC pressure proportion-
AQUAMATIC the water-operated
foaming at high pressure.
ing system for mixing minimal
direct injection foam proportioning
foam compound amounts.
With the high pressure FIXMIX, foam
compound can be mixed purely on
The DIGIMATIC is an electrically driven,
The AQUAMATIC is a water-operated
the high-pressure side. The system
electronically controlled additive direct
double piston pump with Venturi propor-
works mechanically, is mainte-
injection foam proportioning system
tioners on the outlets. The proportioning
nance-free, and completely integrated
for the smallest proportioning amounts
ratio at normal pressure is adjustable
into pumps of the NH25, NH35, and
(from 0.1 l/min), specially developed for
from 0.5 to 3 %. The water power is
NH45 series. A proportioning ratio of
wetting agent applications. Even small
self-regulating, so that the necessary
0.5, 1, 3 or 6 % can be selected. This
amounts of foam compound increase
amount of foam compound is always
means foam can be discharged on
the extinguishing effect and protect the
available. The AQUAMATIC 24 delivers
the high pressure side and water si-
environment. The proportioning ratio is
up to 24 l/min of foam and can be used
multaneously on the normal pressure
continuously adjustable from 0.1 to 6 %.
for normal pressure as well as for high
Through the max. proportioning ratio
pressure (proportioning ratios: 1, 3 and
of up to 42 l/min., the system offers
6 %). The maximum foam quantity of
a broad range of uses for the most di-
the AQUAMATIC 96 that can be used for
verse of foam compound applications.
normal pressure is 96 l/min.