Rosenbauer The high quality AT
The high quality AT.
Developed. Tested. Manufactured. At the highest level.
Fire fighting vehicles are subjected to the highest stresses:
That protects the hinges from stresses and dirt from sand,
heat, dust, sand, water, dirt, and much more.
salt, slime and the like.
Which makes it that much more important that only the best
material is used. For the AT body, only high-quality aluminum
In order to better protect devices, equipment, and usable
and plastic is used, therefore making the structures extreme-
spaces from damage and wear, anti-slip, damping surfaces
ly robust and corrosion-resistant. Thanks to the light and
are installed in many areas where devices are stored. The
space-saving aluminum sandwich construction, it is possible
new extruded section flaps with lip and non-slip surface
to produce large body modules from thinner load-carrying
coating are also unbeatably safe, robust and compact.
shells. This creates the maximum amount of space.
3D CAD for a professional design.
Optimizations were implemented component by component
in order to increase the equipment capacity. The first-class
Innovative and customer-oriented solutions are possible
finish also played an important role alongside the material.
through the use of modern 3D CAD technology. In order to
New production methods ensure more consistent quality.
minimize the weight in the development phase, state of the
For the AT, modern joint and mounting processes were used
art calculation and construction technologies are used.
such as FSW welding, punch riveting, thermal drilling, special
screw systems, etc. The entire loading space contains system
profiles with special rhomboid nuts for continuously flexible
and level loading in all equipment compartments. Brackets
can be moved on demand with millimeter accuracy, even after
many years.
Further refined details: the full height locker hinges are not ar-
ranged directly in the dirty area but rather on the side behind
the equipment compartment walls.
Industrial fabrication.
To build more innovative fire fighting vehicles, we work
with the latest materials and use state of the art pro-
duction methods. We ensure high quality by industrial
fabrication in our ultra-modern production sites in Austria
and Germany. All components from vehicle body and
extinguishing technology right through to the equipment
are developed, constructed, and built by Rosenbauer. The
integrated solutions are optimal coordinated for maximum
performance and reliability. The robust, all-terrain, light,
and space-saving fire fighting vehicle superstructures from
Rosenbauer set standards.
State of the art production halls at all locations