Machine protection at Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik
One extinguishing system for five extinguishing areas
Industrial aluminum processing holds a multitude of risk
factors which could cause fires.
The reason: the oils and separating agents used in produc-
tion and processing are extremely flammable. This hazard
increases as a result of the enormous heat build-up
throughout the entire production process. In addition to
the machines, the press and hydraulic room are also
extremely flammable. The consequences: A fire can cause
severe damage to the system`s technology, electronics,
and hydraulics of the robots and press, which results in
long-term production downtimes and immense restoration
costs. These production areas must be monitored and
protected around the clock.
The stationary extinguishing system from Rosenbauer
enables comprehensive protection of the multi-level
production process. The system functions without an
external power supply, activates within seconds, and
protects all danger zones. The best solution for Bharat
Forge Aluminiumtechnik.
Protected forging press
High demands on the extinguishing system
Rapid detection of incipient fires
through a flame detection system
Automatic extinguishing
Activation of the extinguishing process within 15 sec.
Energy-autonomous extinguishing system
Inlet options for fire fighters
Prevention of production downtimes
Energy-autonomous POLY CAFS system