Rosenbauer - Protective clothing
Certified as to EN 469:2005
The FIRE MAX II turnoutsuit has been developed to offer maximum protection
for the fire fighters while at the same time guaranteeing excellent comfort.
The new FIRE MAX II is certified according to EN 469, and achieved the highest
protection standards in all three EN 469:2005 test categories: heat resistance,
waterrepellence, and steam penetration resistance.
Reinforcements to large areas of the jacket and trousers clearly show that the
FIRE MAX II is perfectly constructed for heavy duty on fire fighting missions.
The FIRE MAX II is available in two different versions of outer fabric:
NOMEX tough and PBI:
Consisting of 75 % NOMEX, 23 %
Consisting of 37 % PBI, 61 %
Kevlar und 2 % antistatic fibre
Paraaramid and 2 % antistatic fibre
Best established textile for fire
Organic fibre with best break open
fighting suits
resistance and thermal protection
Excellent thermal and mechanical
Will not burn, melt, drip, or em-
brittle and will remain supple even
Resistance to a lot of solvents and
when charred
Fabric doesnt shrink or become
High color fastness
brittle after exposure of heat and
Outer fabric
PBI Matrix
Approx. 195 g/m
Approx. 205 g/m
Color: dark blue or gold
Color: gold
Moisture protection (Liner):
PU functional membrane, water-, windproof and breathable
Insulating layer in a 100 % Aramid nonwoven and a
Aramid/Viscose quilting. Approx. 270 g/m
Jacket and trousers
Xf 2
Xr 2
Y 2
Z 2
EN 469:2005