Case Study Fire Extinguishing system Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik Rosenbauer
Machine protection at Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik
Customized solution
Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik`s special requirements
were decisive in the selection of the extinguishing system:
the highest extinguishing performance and energy-autono-
mous operation were important aspects of the firefighting
system. In addition to the two forges, the POLY CAFS
extinguishing system from Rosenbauer also protects the
press basements as well as the hydraulic room and mixing
chamber for consumables. The risk of costly repairs and
production downtimes are clearly reduced as a result. The
compressed air operated POLY CAFS extinguishing system
with a capacity of 3,000 l premix (water-foaming agent
mixture) is completely self-sufficiently without an external
power supply and is immediately ready for operation.
POLY CAFS system operated with compressed air
Ready around the clock
The integrated Grecon flame detection system scans the
entire extinguishing area around the clock with the help of
infrared radiation and UV rays. If a fire source is detected,
the extinguishing system activates automatically and the
extinguishing agent is released via CAFS full cone spray
nozzles over the entire surface of the fire source.
CAFS. For more rapid extinguishing
Many Rosenbauer extinguishing systems are based on the innovative CAFS
compressed air foam system
Consistently stable foam quality
Foam sticks to hot surfaces - also vertically
Rapid smothering of the flames through oxygen deprivation
Deep penetration into the flammable material by reducing the surface
tension of the water
Increased burn-back safety and sustainable cooling thanks to compact CAFS
foam structure
Low application rates for efficient firefighting and reduced water damage
Multiplied extinguishing agent volume through active foam expansion to CAFS
POLY CAFS system with a FLASH CAFS unit